LorenElle. Beyond the Beauty.

LorenElle is not just a Boutique.  LorenElle is an Experience. We reach Beyond the Beauty of Fashion; and Explore the Beauty of Women from Within. 

10 Strand Small Pearl Collar Necklace 7-Pearl Drop Earrings Pearl Rose Necklace

I'm a Pearl Girl!

Classy. Bougie. Sassy!

Coco Chanel once said, "A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls!" This statement holds true today. Pearls are a must-have in every woman's repertoire of fashion! Real or faux, wear pearls to express your internal femininity.

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expressions of beauty

In a Handbag...

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Dare to Be YOUnique in Pinky Rose



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Romance. Mystery. Excitement... Jewelry Heir


The combination of pearls and glass crystals creates a perfect statement piece.  Simple, yet stunning!  

Sensually Timeless

The allure of vintage styles is sure to "swoon" throughout your special evening.  Jewelry Heir has a way to layer on different designs to create one evening masterpiece.

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Vibrant cascading necklace made up of resin stones and crystals.  This Jewelry Heir design is a show stopper!  It sparkles and shines.  Simply captivating!